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Most love stories don't start with two people that are practically on the other side of the globe. They don't start with video games that aren't multiplayer video games. And as far as I know, there aren't any that start with a newspaper in the kitchen on a Sunday morning.

Ariza has found someone she loves. She might not realize it at first, but it's inevitable. This is a short story that establishes how exactly this happened... admittedly, it's a bit abridged, but she did make this in two weeks. Give her a break.

THROUGH THE SCREEN is a short (~30 minutes) visual novel about a dorky girl who writes fanfiction who falls for a dorky guy who also writes fanfiction. 

There is one ending. This is more of a kinetic novel than a true visual novel game, but this IS my first game. I do hope you enjoy.

The game is completely free, simply because I made this in about a week-- truthfully, it took me a little over one weekend to complete.

Thank you for playing this!



Story/Programming/Art by ArizaLuca/AstralAutumnGames

Music by Kevin Macleod

Backgrounds by IbisPaintX's 'anime background' feature

Please feel free to let me know what you think!

Love you, Toni :3

Install instructions

Download the zip file.

Then run the app or .exe program, depending on which operating system you've got.

I think that's about it!


ThroughtheScreen-mac.zip 33 MB
ThroughtheScreen-pc.zip 48 MB


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Hi! This game looks so cute, do you mind if I do a let's play on it for my youtube channel?

Hi! And of course you can do a let's play of it, just link to it and link back to the game page once you play it. Thanks for asking! :3

Thank you very much! It is such a cute game. Happy Valentines Day! :)

Thank you for playing it and all the well wishes! I'm glad you liked it. :3