A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for NaNoRenO 2018.

"You're sitting at the receptionist's desk of a walk-in therapy clinic... except nobody walks in and even if they do, they don't want to meet with the psychology student, so you've taken over the 'receptionist' position. Though, that might end up changing after this session..."

You play as a therapist/psychology student at a walk-in therapy clinic on a slow day when there are no clients, no coworkers, and not even a janitor to chat with. Well, at least it's a slow day until a HUGE group of people walk in for a group therapy session. (About ten, plus one computer... box... thing.)

(... you still can't tell what that thing is.)

After a series of introductions (Romeo, Mevia, Hadrian, the Warden that's not a name but okay , Aiden, Cassie Rose, Stella, Jesse, Ivor, Harper, and PAMA seriously, is this thing a box or a computer or what), you're immediately launched into what will soon become the weirdest group therapy session ever.

UPDATE: Full version released!! Please feel free to comment on the site if there are any bugs or weird things you may have noticed.


TRUST FALL is a Minecraft: Story Mode visual novel fangame that was made for NaNoRenO. This game was not made in association with TellTale Games or Mojang (the original creators of Minecraft: Story Mode) and we do not claim to own anything from it. 

CONTENT WARNING: This game is for ages 13+ due to some very mild cursing and sensitive topics. The game will discuss issues like mental disorders or illnesses, and these can be very sensitive and personal for people to discuss or play through.

Also, neither writer (Toni42 or ArizaLuca) claims to be psychology students, skilled with psychology, or therapists. Most of the things discussed in this game were supplemented with research from Google.  If you feel as though you share symptoms with some of the things discussed in the game, PLEASE GO SEE A REAL DOCTOR, THERAPIST, or PSYCHIATRIST. We are not professionals.



Story by Ariza Luca and Toni42

Sprites by Ariza Luca

Music by Antimo and Welles

Backgrounds by Toni42

GUI by Ariza Luca

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Install instructions

Just click download!


TrustFall-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 111 MB
TrustFall-1.0-mac.zip 106 MB
TrustFall-1.0-pc.zip 121 MB

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OMG this game was absolutely AMAZING! The only problem was that sometimes it would glitch and go back a few dialogues, but other than that, it was fantastic! The hugging scene almost made me want to cry ahh I loved it ;@;

I'm really glad you liked it! And I'm sorry to hear about the glitches; if more people report this problem I'll try checking through and seeing how I'm going to fix it. And I'm really glad you liked the hugging scenes!